After working as an actor in several theaters, I decided to study photography at the Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin, which I completed in 2017. My first work "The Only Thing That Matters" was published in Die Nacht Magazin in 2016 and as a photo book by Calin Kruse in Die Nacht Pubishing in 2017. In 2020 my second book "Greek Dog Days" was published by Replika Publishing. Greek Dog Days was reviewed by photography researcher Dr. Paula Gortázar in C4Journal and won the 2020 Volumes Award by Kunsthalle Zürich. With my work "Der letzte Schnee" [The Final Snow] I was selected as one of the aspiring photographers for the Hamburg Portfolio Review 2022.
Participant of Hamburg Portfolio Review with "Der letzte Schnee" [The Final Snow]
"Greek Dog Days" exhibition PERIODE Gallery, Berlin
"Greek Dog Days" exhibition La Stella Nera, Berlin
"Der letzte Schnee" [The Final Snow] shortlisted for the BUP Book Award 2022 by BlowUp Press
"Greek Dog Days" is part of the photobook exhibition FOTO WIEN 2022
"Greek Dog Days" exhibition and book launch at Zoetrope.Athens, Greece, granted by cultural administration of Berliner Senat
"No photos please" publication by Gimme Five Publishing
"Antihero" Group Exhibition exhibition Gallery FK Kollektiv Berlin
"After The Fall" Group Exhibition exhibition Gallery FK Kollektiv Berlin
Volumes Award 2020 by Kunsthalle Zürich for "Greek Dog Days"
"Greek Dog Days" photobook​​​​​​​ published by Replika Publishing
"The Only Thing That Matters" photobook published by DIENACHT Publishing
"The Only Thing That Matters" published in DIENACHT Magazine issue#18
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